Trinity Judo is a faith-based association of Martial Arts Instruction focusing on instilling Christian values while teaching students Kodokan Judo.  Trinity member schools include Aldan Judo School, Amra Juku Judo, and Fairview Judo Kai.  All Trinity Judo programs emphasize the value of faith in life and in learning Judo.
Kevin and BillBill and Kevin have made final selections to represent Team USA in the World Judo Kata Championships held in Osaka, Japan on October 19th and 20th, 2013!

Kevin has been involved in judo for 39 years as a competitor, instructor, and national referee. This year he was promoted to 5th degree black belt for all his accomplishments over the past 12 years. Bill has been involved in judo for about 24 years as a competitor, instructor, and referee.  This year he was promoted to 3rd degree black belt for his accomplishments over the years.

Judo has taken  them all over the United States competing in the local, regional, and national stages as well as teaching the sport in various judo clubs.  They stood on the gold medal platform three separate times in the mid nineties, culminating in the men’s all-around Kata Champions of 1997.  After a 16 year hiatus, Bill and Kevin hit the judo mat once again to compete in Ju No Kata. Encouraged by a respected Sensei, they worked towards competing once again.  In April of this year, they won a silver medal at the Senior National Judo Championships held in Virginia Beach, VA (picture seen above with Olympic silver medalist, Kevin Asano).  As a result of their achievements, Bill and Kevin were notified on August 15th that they have made the final selection to represent Team USA at the 2013 World Judo Kata Championships held in Kyoto, Japan in October.

What an honor it is to compete at the highest level of Kata competition!  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for both.  There is much to be done in eight weeks.  This is where we are seeking support.  They only have eight weeks to prepare and less time then that to gather financial resources to help defray the cost of this trip.  Bill and Kevin are  two of 12 people who will be representing the United States.  You can be a part of this team! Would you consider partnering with Bill and Kevin to represent Team USA at the 2013 World Judo Kata Championships?   Be a part of Bill and Kev’s Excellent Adventure!

What They Need
Bill and Kevin are responsible for funding this amazing opportunity.  The trip will cost approximately $4,000 per person .  This includes passport expense, registration fees, airfare, ground transportation, accommodation, food expense, and sanctioned judo uniform.

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Other Ways You Can Help
If you are unable to financially contribute, there are other ways you can help:

Pray for Bill and Kevin
Send words of encouragement
Help by getting the word out to others.
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